MediHerb®: Clinical Management of Herb-Drug Interactions

Much has been made of the potential dangers of herb-drug interactions (HDIs) in the media, on websites and in medical journals. News items have even carried banners stating that mixing herbs with drugs could form a “lethal cocktail”. In this presentation, the likelihood of several speculative herb-drug interaction warnings that commonly appear in information sources will be critically examined, including some falsely based on inaccuracies perpetuated for decades. Clear guidelines to assess the probability of potential herb-drug interactions will be delineated, together with the best resources to use to ensure patient safety.
After this two-part presentation you will:
  • be able to differentiate between potential pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic interactions
  • gain the understanding that clinically significant HDIs are unlikely to occur, provided some basic rules are followed
  • be able to interpret the risk for HDIs according to the level of caution you wish to apply in any clinical situation
  • be better able to dismiss HDIs based on false information or unlikely assumptions
  • have a better insight into the issues involved in the potential pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic HDIs for St John’s Wort
  • have a better understanding of the issues involved in the potential interactions of Ginkgo with antiplatelet and anticoagulant drugs
  • be more confident in identifying those potential HDIs that have no clinical relevance